Tick Tock.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to write an entry, but the urge overwhelmed me. I’m sitting here in my basement, quietly packing up my personal things to bring back to my office tomorrow. My degrees, my Mr Potato Head, my photos. Tomorrow, I ease back into the land of the living.

They are things that it seems like only yesterday I hastily packed away into a bag as I was leaving work when my doctors ordered me home on bed rest. I was excited then. I was only a few short weeks from becoming a mom. 

I made comments to people like “I’ll see you in a year” or “next time you see me I’ll have my baby with me!”

How stupid I was. I couldn’t have known then. But how ignorant and foolish I feel now looking back on myself. 

On the long and winding journey through grief there are many markers along the road. Anniversaries, firsts, a certain number of good days in a row. Some of them creep up on you and give you no time to prepare. Other times you can watch yourself come upon them, and every ounce of your being says NO NO NO. And you dig in your heels and try to stop them from rushing up at you. 

Because who wants to move one single inch, one single second, further from the last moment they held their baby in their body, in their arms?

Tick. Tock. and the moments without her zoom past.  

Instead of having a baby to show off when they see me, now they can see the shiny new headstone that was put in place this week for Everlee. I hate that this wretched thing has to exist. But, for what it is, it’s beautiful. 


I’ve had a massive headache all day. My back has been tangled in knots. My stomach has rolled all day long. I love my job. I love my workplace. I love my coworkers. My doubt, anxiety and fear has nothing to do with any of those things. It’s a monster that lives in me.  I’m prepared that people will say the wrong thing sometimes., I’m prepared that some people may not know. I’m prepared for the breakdowns that i will inevitably have. But, what I fear more than anything is that the thought of taking this massive leap forward will somehow make people think that I’m better. That it will make them think I’ve moved on. 

I went out last night in attempt to bring some closure to my time off. A friend and I went to Erin’s Pub to listen to some irish music and have a few pints. And as I sat there and the listened I found my mind wandering from the music back to the case room.  For the last seven months I’ve suffered from flashbacks. Not passing memories. Flashbacks. I was there. I was back in the room. I was flooded with emotions. And every ounce of me felt the same sting of hot, raw, emotions. 

How could anyone think I have moved on, when I relive those moments, and live with the real pain every single moment of the day.  

If I waited to feel better, or to have moved on I would never be going back to work.  

I wish I could put her picture on my desk. I want to be able to look at her with the adoration she deserves. Everyone else has pictures of their children on their desk. But that’s just one more aspect of motherhood that I don’t get to have. 

So tomorrow, I make my first foray back into the land of the living, but on the inside, I’m still feeling like I’m in the world of the dead. 

Wish me luck. 



9 thoughts on “Tick Tock.

  1. I will, like a lot of other people, be thinking about you tomorrow. I hope it is a day that is as good as it possibly can be considering everything tangled up in it.

  2. I will be praying for you tomorrow. Going back to work was hard for me. About the first 2 weeks were the worst and then it got better, mostly. Although I still don’t feel like being there a lot of the time, I’m getting by. God is holding me up. I hope it gets easier for you. Everlee’s headstone is beautiful. I love the words you chose.

  3. Rhonda good luck, I will be think off you…Rhonda I have to tell you something, I know all the pain you are in, but in some way you have help me alot. I thought that I would have to hide my babies birth away for ever, but you made me feel like talking about him more and more. Nicholas is part of my families and now after 14 years I share with everyone else. Thank you for that.. he is not my hided secret he is my son, Hugs Exie

  4. I have flashbacks all the time, seeing my ultrasound with my lifeless baby, today marks four months since I lost my baby. I only made it to one class today. I asked my sister How do I learn to live knowing my baby died..
    Everlee’s headstone is beautiful. I am so envious that you can go and sit and visit her. Stay strong girl, hopefully you made it through the workday ! My thoughts are always with you.

  5. Rhonda your strength amazes me. I know that may seem like a strange statement to make to a woman who has lost what you have but its a fact. I don’t think I know anyone who could have handled such a tradgedy in the way you have. Your blog is spell binding to read and it takes us readers, those who care about you, to a completely different level of grieving. Your words are your release of grief and try as I might I cannot express how they make me feel adequately. We all know that your sweet Everlee Rose is in heaven and smiling down on you and very proud that you are her mother.

  6. Good luck to you on your return to work… I’ve been back for 1 1/2 mos. It’s still tough. I feel the same about wanting a photo of my son beside me at work and wishing I could have even the smallest luxuries that mothers of living babies have. Hang in there and take one day at a time. You and your family are in my thoughts. 🙂

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